Why I love my neighbours Natalie and Jason

 From the moment we moved next door they extended their welcome.  Over the two years our friendship has grown and blossomed into something really special. Whenever I run out of eggs, brown sugar, vinegar or anything else Natalie is happy to give me some of hers. If Natalie needs to borrow a table or use some potting soil she just asks, reciprocity rocks! Natalie is so generous, humorous and has one of the most positive spirits I have ever had the pleasure to befriend. Jason is hysterically funny, laid back and would be happy to lend a helping hand anytime we needed one. In fact, it’s so reassuring and grounding to know if we needed them for anything, they would be there. We trust them completely even with our most precious gifts – our kids. We adore their children and now we frequently have their children at our house or vice’s a rotating play date J

 When we go away we water each other plants, their child feeds our cat and cleans the litter box!  Natalie and Jason are frequently befriending neighbours, addressing neighbourhood issues like parking, doing their part to keep our streets safe and clean. They have organized back alley hockey parties for kids, decorate their house beautifully for Christmas and have pride in their home and yard.  Having neighbours like Natalie and Jason and their amazing children is everything we had hoped for when moving into Clayton. ~Sonja


I DO have a neighbor I love two door down from me.  He is our “gardener”.  His name is George.  He cuts not only his lawn, but the lawn of 5 other neighbors!  He edges, weeds around the boulevard trees, etc.   He’s awesome!! ~Julie


My husband, sons and I believe that we have the best neighbour ever. When our house was being built in September 2006, we would make the weekly pilgrimage to see what had been done during the construction. This is when we met our neighbour, Larry. One day when we were visiting the build site for our home, he came over and introduced himself and his wife, Judy and invited us over for a drink and snacks. We visited until late in the evening and that is when the friendship started.

 While our house was being built, Larry would monitor the building of our new home and ensure things that we wanted done or corrected were done. It was reassuring to us to have Larry monitoring things. The day we moved in (December 16), Larry and Judy invited us to their open house and introduced us to a number of our new neighbours. They even bought our oldest son a Christmas present. I know that if our oldest son needed a safe place to go, he would be welcomed at Larry and Judy's.

 Over the past 4 1/2 years, Larry has gone above and beyond for us. He watches our house when we go out of town, he feeds and visits our cat, Abby and absolutely spoils her, he waters our garden during the summer and last year he planted the bedding plants that I had bought for our tree well but hadn't planted yet. But we are not the only ones that benefit from having Larry as a neighbour - he mowed his next door neighbour's lawn after their daughter was born, he waters peoples gardens and boulevard trees, and assisted another neighbour with planning and planting their garden.

 We have shared a number of meals with Larry and Judy and you are always welcomed into their home. By far, he makes our neighbourhood warm and welcoming and that is why I am nominating Larry. He's the best and I hope he wins the gift certificate because if someone really deserves it, it's Larry. ~Jody


It is my pleasure to write this email to publicly share the story of how much I (we) love our neighbours.  We moved into Clayton Heights from a larger community to live in a neighbourhood style community.  Three years ago almost we landed into Clayton Heights and was greeted by such amazing neighbours on both sides of us.  We have a family next door that offers much in the way of love and support.  Lorie and Sean have been amazing neighbours sharing their children and treating us like extended family.  From as long as I can remember between our residences we have what their children "know as" the "sharing table" or "sharing fence" where often meals (breaking bread) and special goodies and gifts are often shared.  We are fortunate that whenever we have needed support with things around the house and especially with care and support of our puppy Charlie our neighbours have been always willing to lend a hand.  We also get to enjoy laughter with their children and their two dogs which play with our dog.

 Dany on our other side cannot go unmentioned either as he is constantly lending and supporting my husband with projects that are on the go in our house.  Dany has shown us what true neighbours are like and often offers support through friendship and love.  Breaking bread is often a past time with Dany and our homes are always open and inviting.

 After coming from our last place of residence where neighbours were somewhat friendly this change moving to Clayton Heights was most refreshing.  The community style of Clayton Heights often draws families to move into the area because the environment promotes welcoming families of all cultural shapes and sizes.  It is truly a great place to live and having neighbours like ours we would not want to live anywhere else. ~Angel


I love my neighbours firstly, because they happen to be my daughter and son-in-law (who naturally has gotten his fair share of teasing about living so close to his mother-in-law) and secondly, because they are the best neighbours anyone could wish for.  I have been so lucky to live next door to these two for eight years now and have been  so grateful for all they have done and continue to do for me even though they are both busy with work and their own lives. Whether it is a “borrowed cup of milk” or a phone call “checking up on me after a bout with the flu” the two of them have always been so considerate and always made the time to make sure that I am well taken care of, but it’s the things that they do without my asking like cutting my lawn or driving me and my dog to the veterinary hospital when they know I am too upset to drive myself that really make me realize how truly blessed I am. One of the first things my son-in-law did when they moved next to me was build a gate in the fence between our two homes so we didn’t have to trek around the block to visit, and believe me, our lawns have taken a beating but to us the well worn path between our back doors is a treasure and not an eye-sore. Now, I am a very independent individual so I could get along fine on my own but it’s just the peace of mind knowing that if ever I needed anything or if an emergency were to occur my wonderful neighbours would be there to help in under 30 seconds. On top of all the other benefits of having these two as my neighbours, six months ago they gave me my first grandchild, so whenever I need to hug my new grandbaby (which is every day) I can travel that well worn path and get my “cuddlebug hug” to start or end the day. I have been gifted with the best neighbours anyone could wish for and I adore them both.~Sheila